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love sellingWhy do we love to sell? It is the best affirmation that we are doing a good job. It is immediate and clear that we have done our work well when someone says “Yes” to what we have to offer.

We enjoy the prospecting too but the sale is the best part of our jobs. We all get to create this feeling by selling and doing our jobs. Many jobs don’t provide this gratification.

As an example Air Traffic Controllers are only given positive feedback when something bad happens. That is not always the best way of receiving feedback…only getting feedback when we hear something go BANG is not nearly as good as hearing someone say “Yes, I like what you have provided me and I would like to buy it”

That is the best possible feedback imaginable. And many of us feed off of the positive reinforcement and that gives us our value as people. Work is the way that most people gain their personal self-worth. Our value and contribution to society.  The best part of our job is that it provides such quick and positive feedback and it is better than most jobs where people just don’t have the opportunity to get the best and fastest response for our efforts.


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