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Blackberry_Pool_Phone_wideweb__470x291,0When the dog days of summer are upon us we need to remain resolute in the pursuit of new business while not allowing another summer to pass by without enjoying it as much as possible. Is the golf course calling your name? Does the pool or beach need your attention? These struggles are not uncommon with real estate professionals. We are not like other professionals. We have the freedom to do well or do ourselves in. We don’t answer to a hard schedule dictated by someone else. We answer to ourselves and our clients. This freedom comes with its own set of challenges and ways to overcome them if we think about them ahead of time.

The good news is that you are not alone. We all struggle with the same issues. When the weekend comes and the rest of the world has the weekend free from their responsibilities many times our responsibilities have just started to kick into gear.

The bad news is that some of that company may not necessarily be a good influence if you give in too quickly.

Tips to balance the benefits of summer while remaining productive:

  1. Multi-tasking is essential to be successful and enjoy the summer. Bring your phone and leads to the pool and make all your phone calls poolside and make your appointments outside of recreational time. For many this is also called pool time. This is also beneficial to your clients as they are not going to be trotting around during the hottest times of the day looking at homes. That’s what I call quality service.
  2. Plan the day around your recreational activities and that way you won’t feel rushed when you do want to take some time to yourself.
  3. The problem is when we don’t schedule ahead we get pulled in several directions and we either don’t do our best work or we don’t enjoy the time we have carved out for ourselves. Both are bad and lead to a feeling of feeling defeated.
  4. Never, I repeat NEVER tell anyone that you have scheduled time to lay by the pool or play golf, tennis etc. You always say “Sorry I am booked at that time. Are you open on (offer alternative time and date). They are not going to ask you what you are doing and you have not given them a chance to question your work ethics. Remember they are free after 5:00 and all weekend and think that you are too. The average person thinks that Real Estate pro’s get paid a salary and don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into doing what we do. Instead of trying to educate them just schedule the times that you are free and times that you are not free and stick to it.


These are just some of the ways that I managed to sell over 200 homes a year without tearing my hair out in the process. There are more secrets I am sure. If you have any to share let us know by commenting below!


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