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ImportantIf you guessed the people, you are correct. If you guessed anything else you may have guessed number two or three, but number one is the people in your company. A company without people is just an Inc or LLC that has no growth potential or staying power. We need people to make it all work. People are the catalyst, the mortar that binds everything together. Without the right ones we are lost and getting the right ones is tougher than anyone may think that has not built a company from the ground up.

People need to feel valued and feel that there is a bigger mission than the day-to-day work that they are asked to perform.

They need to feel that there is power that drives them beyond themselves and beyond what any manager can provide. They need a reason to continue and to improve beyond financial gain. Money goes so far but does not inspire people once they have met their financial goals.

Giving meaning to the job is what will be the difference between getting an employee or team member to achieve above their expected potential. They need a mission.

At Qazzoo our mission is to help as many real estate agents and loan officers connect with as many real estate buyers and sellers as possible. Our goal is to help people and make their lives easier by providing a valuable service. This is far more valuable than money or prizes as it provides motivation to beginners and drive to veterans.


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