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It can be quite enjoyable to tour an open house during the summertime. However, if a home is not prepared properly, it can be a real turnoff to a buyer. Agents and sellers need to always keep the following in mind if they are planning an open house during the hot summer months. 

Monitor the temperature

Depending on where you live, the summer months can bring high humidity and temperatures. While this may seem obvious, it is crucial that the temperature is adjusted accordingly to accommodate potential buyers. If your home is overly hot, buyers may not want to stay in the home very long and it could leave them with a bad impression. By keeping your home cool, it also shows that your AC system works well. If you do not have central AC, turn on window units and fans throughout the home to make the home feel more comfortable. In a typical open house, people will be opening doors and letting the cool air out so keep the air conditioning running until the duration of the open house.

Provide outdoor shade 

If the open house is scheduled for a sunny day, it is often a good idea to have shady areas for buyers to scope out the outdoor living space without getting blasted by the sun. For example, open your outside awning or umbrella to accommodate buyers.

Provide beverages

While there is a lot of debate on the kinds of drinks you should provide at an open house, you should always have at least bottled water available to your guests. People will appreciate having a drink available to them as they tour or when they leave your home. This is a minor cost that should not be overlooked, especially during the summertime.