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Winter can bring several rounds or hazardous weather conditions. Snow and ice can create treacherous road and sidewalk conditions. If you plan on selling your home this winter season, you need to be concerned about the safety of your potential buyers. All the time you spend staging your home will be a complete waste if people are hesitant to walk up to your front door. Here are a few tips to improve the functional safety of your home’s exterior for home showings this winter season. 

Lighting, lighting, and more lighting

The days are shorter during the winter season. As such, you want to be sure that your property is well-lit during the evening hours for prospective clients. You want to be sure that people can see where they are they are walking, so they do not hurt themselves visiting your home. Not only is lighting important for safety reasons, but its also important because it will allow people to see your home at night who decide to drive by when it is dark out. With this, ensure that there is ample lighting along all walkways and steps. 

Ensure handrails and steps are ready for use 

Be sure that all handrails and steps are in proper working order for your home showings. This means checking to make sure they are in good condition and are safe to use. A rotted wood handrail could be a recipe for disaster.  

Remove any snow, ice, and debris

Snow and ice can make any walkway treacherous. If you plan on selling your home during winter, be ready to clear snow and ice from around your home. This includes the driveway, sidewalks, front porch, and all steps. Also, be sure to clear all debris (branches, leaves, etc.) from those areas as well. Doing so will keep your home’s exterior safe for your visitors.