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Social media plays a crucial role in real estate marketing today, particularly in the form of social media posts and social ads. In many ways, social media has forever changed the way in which agents are able to connect with their prospects. With 90.4% of millennials being active social media users in 2019 (EMarketer), social media is more relevant than ever to modern marketing strategies.

As the reliance on social media continues to grow, social ads are some of the best tools for engaging with large audiences. Not only is social media marketing effective, but it is also more affordable than many other conventional marketing practices such as paid print or paid television ads. Keep reading and discover how social advertising has changed how real estate agents promote themselves to interested buyers and sellers.

Lower Marketing Costs through Targeting

More agents are working paid social ads into their advertising budgets than ever before, as social ads are effective for capturing the attention of potential clients. With this, paid ads on social media are worth the investment because they will ultimately strengthen your organic search results. For instance, Facebook currently stands as the top social platform for paid ads. If you are conflicted on how to spend your advertising budget, social ads are a great place to start. Facebook also features multiple targeting options to help businesses ensure that they are remaining in front of their target audiences. 

Additionally, specifying the reach of your campaign is now easier as well. In using social media targeting strategies, there is no need to spend as much of your marketing budget on paid advertising. As you learn more about your audience, you will be able to tailor your performance indicators to get the most out of your ads.

Increase Traffic to Your Site

Social media pages can help professionals drive significantly more traffic to their company site. Today, many homebuyers utilize search engines to begin their home search. With this in mind, using social media listings will help to boost your visibility at the top of the search results. The results of social ads are immediately noticeable and easy to track for insights. This feature will also help you to monitor the success of how you are using your marketing budget.


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