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Home and contents insurance document with paperworkHomebuyers with the vision to consider properties that need remodeling can be a real estate pro’s dream client. In addition to showing such buyers a wider range of homes, you can also help educate them on the potential effects remodeling can have on their homeowners insurance.

While homeowners should consult with their insurance agents regarding specific coverage needs, here are a few things for your buyers to consider when remodeling:

Expanded living space: Homeowners insurance policy limits may need to be increased in order to protect the new space against a catastrophic loss, even before any remodeling is completed. Certain types of renovations, such as basement finishings, may create the need for additional coverage to protect against perils such as water backup.

Roof replacement: Some policies may allow for discounts on premiums when putting on a new roof, because it’s one of the largest factors in insurance coverage and often bears the brunt of damaging storms.

Kitchen remodeling: Kitchen remodeling can be expensive, so coverage should cover the replacement of the new kitchen in case of disaster. Premiums may rise along with the value added to the home, but insufficient coverage could end up costing more in the way of “out-of-pocket expenses.”

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