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This is as a diverse question that depends on the home buyer. Millions of home buyers have created their own Real Estate lead profile on Qazzoo. Real Estate professionals like to think that everyone knows an agent that they want to work with but this is not as often the case as they may think. If you are an interested home buyer, ask yourself “Do I really want someone in my close circle of friends and associates to know my private financial information?” Let’s say that you have a large savings account that you want to keep. Do you want all of your friends to know how much money you have? Or take the same question from the other direction. If you have some negative dings on your credit report, do you really want your circle of influence potentially knowing your credit issues?

Everyone is different. I don’t mind people knowing what they need to know about me. My wife is the exact opposite. She doesn’t like to work with people who are too close to her socially because she doesn’t even like to think about her personal information being shared over cocktails when she is not present.

This would not be the case if people were not people but we are and we tend to speak, as they say “out of school”gossip

I remember the confessional when I was a better Catholic. There was a dark screen between the priest and me when I told him all the sins that I had committed since my last confession. This was a Priest and I wasn’t expected to tell him all of my dirty little secrets without some degree of anonymity. I didn’t understand why the screen was so important until later in life when I had something to actually confess. Then the screen was my best friend. There are other examples of this but I haven’t done anything bad for some time so I no longer care. If I had something like a student loan that I had not paid off or a medical bill that I had not made a payment on for some time, I may not want to have my friend, no matter how close, judge me for it. Or worse yet, talk about me at a Bar-B-Q with another friend or associate of mine.

That is the privacy of the situation of working with friends or close associates. There is another potential downside which is what do you do if they don’t do a great job and you feel like you want to work with another agent for whatever reason. Try dropping that bomb on a friend. “Hey Frank, I appreciate your help but I need to find a Realtor that is more (fill in the blank) and I wanted to tell you so that there wouldn’t be any hard feelings”

Guess what? There are going to be hard feelings. Feelings of inadequacy, feelings of betrayal, feelings of abandonment, lack of appreciation, the list goes on for a long, long time and none of it is good.

If you have ever fired a friend or broken up with a lover, it’s pretty much the same thing and it is never comfortable.

This is just one reason so many home buyers and sellers add their profile to Qazzoo.

Funny story…I promise!

I wanted to sell a home as my tenant had moved and I was tired of the house. I called one of my best friends who is a broker and asked him to list if for me. He asked one of his assistance to put a sign in my front yard and get the house in the MLS. We didn’t get a bite. Not a nibble. And that was one great home, in a fantastic neighborhood…but nothing from anyone, after over a month on the market!

So I drove by the house with my wife to check out the curb appeal and see if we needed to plant some flowers or paint something.

To our surprise there was a sign up that had their company logo on it. That was it.sign

A sign with a logo.

No “For Sale”

No “Call Today”

No….wait for it….Phone number to call.

I was freaked. I called my friend and he said let me check. He called out so that I could hear him “Hey Frank, why is there no sign rider on the listing?”

Frank replied matter of flatly “We are out of sign riders”

That month of no activity cost me two mortgage payments or $2400 twice.

For a $10 sign that Frank didn’t think to order because it wasn’t his $4800 and it would have been his $10.

Well what did I do?

You guessed it…nothing.

I bit my tongue and we have never spoken about it since.

It didn’t kill our friendship but I wish that I had hired someone who I could have fired without losing a friend.


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