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If you are selling your home do you want to sign a listing contract with an agent that works in your area or someone who may not know your area very well?

Well if the answer is “My area” you would be correct and you would want to think seriously about using Qazzoo. With Qazzoo you can add your profile and get selected by as many as four different real estate agents. You can choose the agent that you want to work with knowing that they have already decided that they want to help you.

This is the very reason why Qazzoo exists. It is all about matching the right seller and the right professional so that they can work well together and not waste time chasing down the wrong professional or the professional taking on a listing that they feel compelled to take even though they are not as familiar in the area as they would like to be.

As an example I was driving down the street toward my house the other day and there was an open house on my street. I stopped because that is just who I am. I walked into the house and there wasn’t anyone there but the agent. The listing agent was very pleasant and was kind enough to walk me around the house. I told him that I wasn’t really in the market but I since lived down the street I wanted to see what the market was like. The house was beautiful and decorated like Martha Stewart had been an unlimited budget. But there was no one there?

I took the guys card and he was not only from another county but he was from another state. What did this guy know about my neighborhood? Did he know that historically my neighborhood was a working class part of the historic district and that over the past 30 years had gone through a major re-gentrification. Did he know that two blocks away is where the oyster man worked and the crabbing industry was a major part of the community with the old docks within a short walk? He may know the value of the properties in the neighborhood but I seriously doubt he had any idea of the history and nuance that makes my particular community valuable to people.

dddThere is a neighborhood bar within a short walk from the house he is selling that was recently on Diners-Drive Ins and Dives? That would be great stuff to share with a perspective buyer but there is no way he knew any of that.

It is not that he was a bad agent or that Diners Drive Ins and Dives are going to impact any potential sale. But it does indicate that his sale is completely reliant on the price of the home. This leaves him at a disadvantage when compared to an agent with more knowledge of why this house is worth more than similar houses in different neighborhoods.

I bought my house because of the neighborhood and that was lost information to any home buyer that didn’t already know it because he was the wrong agent.

Nice guy-wrong listing.


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