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Simply put, designer, author and TV personality Nate Berkus says your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

But since each of us has a unique story to tell, that story unfolds in myriad ways. One person’s collection of cherished family photos is another person’s collection of 19th century French antiques; one person’s penchant for mid-century modern style is another person’s passion for the farmhouse look.

Home decor and design is a matter of personal taste. However, plenty of style watchers keep their pulse on what’s hot and what’s not in design and decor to help you fine-tune that taste.

Sure, you’ve probably heard that shades of gray are big in home decorating and that fireplaces are on fire as an outdoor living feature. But have you heard about peacocks? In this infographic, LawnStarter taps into the insights of decor and design observers to bring you 12 trends, like peacocks, that you might not know about.

12 Home Decor and Design Trends That You Might Not Know About

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