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Home Buyer Leads for Real Estate Agents

Stop wasting your time working dead end home, unverified leads. Instead, enjoy the freedom of being able to search for and hand select the home buyer leads you want to work with.  

Qazzoo was founded by real estate agents, for real estate agents. After becoming fed up with buying zip code after zip code or city after city and achieving no results, we reverse engineered the standard model in real estate lead generation. 

Instead of buying a zip code or city, Qazzoo operates a network of over 65 national real estate apps and websites. We then take all of the leads that we produce and compile them into a live, searchable lead database. As a Qazzoo member, you are able to search through all of the leads that we produce with no territory limits, and cherry pick the best clients you want to work with. 

Home Buyer Leads

With Qazzoo's Real Estate Lead Program:

  • Guaranteed accurate contact information on your leads.
  • Preview the lead information prior to choosing that person as one of your contacts. You can preview:
    • Price Range
    • Funds available for down payment
    • Self evaluated credit history
    • Moving time frame
    • Whether they currently own a home or not
    • Location of interest
    • Social media picture(if applicable)
  • Integrated lead management system
  • Free 1-on-1 best practice coaching

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We work with a limited number of real estate professionals in each market.