Q A Z Z O O . C O M


This is much harder to do than we may think in the beginning of the process. It is the hardest thing that any company must undertake. At Qazzoo we look for free thinkers that are not too free that they can’t stay focused but we do look for people who are not closed to new ways of doing things. Since Qazzoo represents a completely new business model and a new way to provide services to both real estate professionals and real estate shoppers it is really important to us that the team members are able to explain and communicate the actual simplicity of the operation.


Brainiacs tend to make things to complicated. Sales people sometimes think that selling the idea is the best way to make sales.

Free thinkers realize that Qazzoo just needs to be presented in order to communicate it.

Here is the big problem with free thinkers. They sometimes think that they can show up whenever they want or they don’t have to follow other rules that make a good sales team great. This is the battle that we all face as we build a sales team. It is not new and there are no right answers that I have been able to find online or talking to others. The rule we try to follow is to follow your gut and hope you are right.

Google does personality tests and DNA testing but we don’t all have those resources, so mistakes are inevitable. Trying to keep the mistakes to a minimum is the key and making corrections as soon as possible.


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