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Well its Monday again and time to name the Qazzoo Hero of the Week. With the thousands of members of the Qazzoo community it is not always easy to select the one that stands out above the others. If you know anyone that you feel deserves to be named Hero of the Week, please let us know at CS@Qazzoo.com and don’t be bashful, you can always suggest yourself; many times our work goes unnoticed, especially when we do it well.

Without further delay, Melissa Escavage of Taylor Properties has been selected as the Qazzoo “Hero of the Week” this week because of her tenacity, friendliness and support to those around her.

Melissa EscavageIn full disclosure, I have known Melissa for years and that is one reason I felt compelled to put her name into the hat this week. I personally know that Melissa cares about all of her clients and does the absolute best to help them through whatever issues come up in the buying or selling of a home.  Taylor Properties, through Melissa was one of the charter members of the Qazzoo community and is one of those rare people that makes you think to yourself “If they don’t work with her team, they are making a mistake”

Not that the transaction would completely fall apart without her, it is just that with her quick mind and sunny disposition, things can come off so much easier and pain-free. Melissa makes Taylor Properties of Annapolis, Maryland a much more efficient brokerage as their office manager and continues to cultivate a work environment that is supportive without micro managing and aggressive without being overbearing. Melissa has helped me sell several homes and I can personally testify that there is no one that I trust more than Melissa Escavage of Taylor Properties.


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