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10918972If you don’t follow Qazzoo on Facebook you may not have heard the word about the Hero of the Week. This week, the Qazzoo Hero of the Week is Sari Karjalainen. Sari is not only a believer but a practitioner of what her firm refers to as “The Wiechert Difference” which the company and Sari describes as “A noticeably higher level of service that will make your real estate experience as easy and as stress free as possible” Sari has been in the Qazzoo community for some time now but has been with Wiechert a great deal longer, by bringing the “Wiechert Difference” to Qazzoo along with her exceptional work ethic and laser like focus on providing the best service Sari has been able to connect with many satisfied new home buyers. Sari prides herself, and her clients are not bashful about praising her on her ability to follow through on what she promises, while guiding them through the many steps and complex decisions that come with buying or selling a home in today’s real estate market.

The Qazzoo community has been made stronger and better due to the professionalism and depth of knowledge that Sari adds to the community. For these and other reasons Sari has been chosen as “Qazzoo Hero of the Week” For all of you that know a real estate hero please let Qazzoo know at CS@Qazzoo.com so that we can add them to the list of real estate professionals that deserve recognition for the work that they do.

Thanks and Congratulations Sari!


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