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I think it all goes back to the newspaper. If you haven’t read my rantings about the newspaper before I generally blast them for not taking greater advantage of the internet 10 years ago. But the internet did its own version of low tech with the fist web search created by Tim Berners Lee who created the World Wide Web. He and then many others that followed were stuck in the idea of print when they created directories which were just electronic versions of libraries. They also made a lot of money doing this so it is hard to blame them, but what they failed to understand was the flexibility of the new electronic format and continued to act as electronic versions of newspapers and bulletin boards.

Caveat: There were not a lot of websites when Yahoo started out and therefore human editors could keep up with the idea of directories that in fact kept us from clicking on links that sucked. Yahoo told us that human editors were necessary to make sure the search results they provided were the best possible results. This is how they justified charging businesses to be listed on their directory. It sort of made sense.

So they were stuck in this tweener situation and did not really understand what was going to happen next so they just kept raking in the dollars charging websites to be included in their searchable directories and charging new media companies to advertise on the world wide web.

Then all hell broke loose when Google came to town. Overnigh
t (sort of) Yahoo and excite and all the rest were old school and their portal concept had been leap frogged like the fat kid in third grade. Too slow, too distracted by way too much money, they failed to realize that the whole internet could be such as better experience than what made them rich. It could be easy to use, agnostic and quick. It could be a tool for everyone.

The problem with the new tool was that it too continues down the path that makes it more money and not what is best for the people who want to use it most effectively. So who comes to town but some kid from Harvard with a pocket full of dreams and a head full of IQ. Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook and blows the doors of the thing that had blown the doors off of everything else. What is this a rotation of geniuses’ and where do they make these guys?

Anyway what Facebook hasn’t really grabbed hold of yet is that people chatting about inconsequential things and playing games online is also limiting and sort of mono dimensional. This is where Linkedin has tried to add purpose to the social streams. The issue with Linkedin is that it is a professional social network that again leaves out the second or third tier of what makes a community. In a real community, people buy things from each other, sell things to each other. In short they help each other because they have different things to add to the whole. Sameness breeds six toed kids and a short life span.

This is why Qazzoo was created. Qazzoo brings people together that are not the same. In fact opposites attract on Qazzoo. A homebuyer wants to buy a new home and there is a Real Estate professional to help them do just that within the same community. No more sameness, no more mutant children, no more talking about getting a new job and trying to build your circle of associates that are all asked by people lower in the professional working/pecking order for recommendations and introductions.

My rant is now complete. If you have not performed a search on Qazzoo and you are a real estate professional you need to. If you are a homebuyer or seller and you are tired of trying to find which agent to contact, add your profile to Qazzoo and have your needs met.  Or you could call 800-230-9019 and join the community that way. I promise I won’t answer. I just get so jazzed that it spills out like a rant. Its really a cathartic exercise to maintain sanity or at least a sliver of it.


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