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We have gotten so used to the real estate market being in recovery that we may not know what to do anymore when the market is fully recovered. The National Association of Realtors just announced that the price of homes has seen their highest year over year growth since 2007. Does this mean that we are going to be writing contracts at the same pace as we did before everything went Kablooey?!?!

kablooey1280x960Probably not because many people are still underwater. They may not be drowning as they once were but we are now able to gasp a little less and very soon we will be on the beach looking back at the waves and quickly forgetting the feeling of what the whole experience felt like. Real Estate leads will come flooding in and we will be forced to work our leads more effectively instead of dying for the next lead. This presents its own challenge and Qazzoo has the CRM (client resource management) system built into the Qazzoo process at no charge. It is (imperative) that we manage our real estate leads if we want to maximize the revenue on a per lead and per hour basis. The penalty for not managing our real estate leads is a self-imposed sentence of frustration and lower revenue. Some systems are extremely complicated and can become cumbersome or even intimidating.

The Qazzoo CRM is simple and easy to use. Prioritize, email, direct call or leave notes. It is all right there in front. No back doors and complicated screens to trip over or get lost in. The Qazzoo CRM was designed from the outset to be the most user-friendly lead management tool available and it has met with thousands of agents and lenders using it daily. There are plans to increase the available tools but the concept of making it user-friendly is now and will always be the most important feature of the Qazzoo CRM.

To access your Qazzoo CRM just click on the “Recent Connections”  tab on the right side of the page and you will see all of your connections and be able to manage them from that page.

Quick Tip: The note on the top right of the notes window will show up as the abbreviated notes on the results page so be sure to leave the most important note on the top right of the screen.

Getting started now with the Qazzoo CRM will help you greatly when the market starts to catch fire. If you’re lucky enough to be in an area of the country that has already seen a major increase in property values great. You should be using Qazzoo. If you are not experiencing a spike in real estate prices now you soon will be so get on Qazzoo and meet those home buyers and sellers that have created their own leads on Qazzoo and make it happen for you early and stay ahead of the real estate curve in the future.


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