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Okay, so golf may be seen as an elitist sport played by old men and rich people but I can tell you that my wife has been playing for some time and she is neither rich nor an elitists. Her family is from West Virginia and they are the heart of America, worked hard until retirement and now spend a great deal of their time in the endless pursuit that is golf. In order to spend more quality time with her parents my wife picked up golf and has been not bitten by the bug, but swallowed whole by the golf beast.

What have I learned from her obsessive desire to smack the little white pellet from tee to green and cursing under her breath during the majority of her day spent enjoying the quality time with her parents? I have learned through her that the game is never mastered and the game is never over. The game is really about trying to get better all the time. Trying to hone the skills that make each shot just a little closer to where she wants to place it. It is not about her trying to win the National Women’s Championship or collect enough money to pay off her yacht or polo ponies. It is a process of getting better all the time and enjoying the process as much as she can without being thrown off the course for excessive language.

kerr_bunkerThis is where I think many people make the mistake and call leads “bad” or “poor”. Leads are not bad any more than a golf shot is bad. It is what we make out of the Real Estate leads that make them good or bad. It is the difference between my wife looking at a ball she hit in the sand trap and having choices. She can either say “That was a bad shot/lead” and pull it out with her hand and place it on the green or she can try her best to make something good out of the situation. It is her perspective that allows her to look at her options and decide to chip the ball out of the sand and place it as close to the hole as she possibly can with her sand wedge.

The very next time she finds herself in the sand she should have learned something from the last time and take that experience to make the best out of the new situation. I am proud that she doesn’t pick the ball up, even though sometimes I wouldn’t blame her. She instead has the same attitude that we should have about Real Estate leads. “I will work this lead to the best of my ability and do the most I can with it.” This way her game is always improving and she is sharpening her skills and mental flexibility, not stuck with only playing balls that land exactly where she wanted them to. This makes her better at her game and improves the way she looks at each opportunity she has.

I learn a lot from my wife…I just don’t tell her that!


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