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We may know the names of the heads of the team but the team is what really counts. Without a team they could never have accomplished the goals. They may have had the vision or they may have approved someone else’s vision but without a team even the greatest inventor is fighting a battle that one person cannot often win. That battle is getting the invention in front of enough people to make it to the mass market. Going it alone is not only hard but it just doesn’t’ work very often. The playing field is too large and players and teams are too well funded.

The first battle of inventing is hard enough without having to face the more significant battle of getting the product or service to reach a critical mass. Reaching critical mass is what it takes to become a going operation that no longer has to create new business from scratch each transaction. Inventions can be on the market for years without ever reaching critical mass and companies can still be successful without it but a company of one has never been able to do this.


From Frank Sinatra to Mark Zuckerberg the lead singer or inventor has to have a crew to back up the music or the idea and get it to the people that matter, which is the audience or end user. We need to create a team to do most things that are worthwhile. Going it alone is not just lonely but it is less productive than creating a team. Creating a team is no small feat as getting people to move in the same direction at the same time can be like organizing clouds. People will do what you least expect about half the time and yet we are surprised when they do.

This is also important to real estate professionals. Real estate agents need support to do their job and that support can be from their broker or their assistant or a colleague but going it alone doesn’t produce the same result as having a team working in unison to create and develop a strategy and pull that strategy off for maximum results.


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