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google-vs-facebookNever and they should stop trying. It’s a pretty simple ratio 750 million to ZERO. But the math just doesn’t seem to set in over at Google. How about playing with your own toys and leaving the other toys alone for the other kids to play with?

I have made this mistake myself to my own determent. I liked what the other kid had and I tried to own it for myself. I remember it well. I lived in Hawaii. I was 6 years old. The kid in the sandbox playing with me had this great matchbox motorcycle. It looked just like the one Steve McQueen rode in the movie “The Great Escape” That little two wheeled wonder had to be mine or the rest of my life would be crap.

School rules said that you could not bring toys to school and he broke that rule. So I stole it…when he wasn’t looking, I put it in the front pocket of my jeans. When he couldn’t find it, I pretended to help him look to for it. All the while the little beauty was in my pocket and he became more and more frantic. While he cried I reassured him by telling him that we would come back after school and look for it again. BTW it wasn’t a very big sandbox….but he was a trusting fool. After school we looked in that 16 square foot sandbox like it was the Sahara until I concluded that some other kid must have found it which brought about additional tears and whaling. I thought “YOU FOOL IT IS IN MY POCKET!”

Anyway, I kept my new treasure hidden deep in the pocket of my green jeans through the remaining school day and while I walked home under the tropical sun I fantasized about how me and Steve McQueen were going to jump barbed wire fences and escape the bad guys together. I couldn’t wait to get home. The walk seemed to last for an eternity. After getting home I snuck into the bathroom where my older brothers could not steal from me what I had just stolen.

I reached into my pocket, felt something warm and soft. I pulled out the motorcycle and found that both of the rubber tires of the motorcycle had melted in the heat of my tropic pocket and were now warped. They no longer spun and they looked stupid. Steve would never again clear a jump with the now worthless toy…that I stole.

Google could learn a lesson here. I am not sure what the lesson is other than trying to take someone else’s toys gets messy and in the end no one wins.

If you are reading this and you are that kid in the sandbox….well you’re in your forties now so get over it!


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