Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Are we all beating ourselves with sticks and screaming for the pain to stop? Why do we continually bash ourselves for things we have no control over?

The answers are often that we are comparing today to yesterday or worse sometimes we are going so far as to compare today to the future that we had designed for ourselves in days past. Is this fair to ourselves? Is this fair to our family and friends?

scoreProbably not but we need some form of measurement or work is like playing a basketball game without anyone keeping score. The game could only end when we are all exhausted and we crawl off the floor in heaps of sweat and panting breath.

The secret to stop hitting ourselves is to keep a score based on reasonable goals that require us to reach but not over reach. Goals that are attainable by us (the ones that make the goals) and not by some motivational speaker or writer we have never met and yet has the audacity to spew their redundant, formulaic, self-congratulatory former accomplishments on us and tell us to do the same.

Well where is the proof that the accomplishments actually happened in the first place?

Okay now that is out-of-the-way let’s talk about getting something humming this year.

Make some short-term goals.

  1. I need to generate how many listings/buyers/clients in the next 30 days?____________
  2. I need to generate how many transactions in the next 90 days? _________________
  3. I need to maintain how many listings/buyers/clients during this 90 day period? ______________

If anyone, and I do mean anyone makes these three small steps toward greater success and checks back every day in order to keep themselves focused on their goals they will in the worst case scenario double their sales in the next 2 months. I know, I did it…a lot!


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