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InternationalRealEstate_InternetLeadGenWhat is up with all the sites that sell Geo-Targeting?

That is just the first question. The next question is what are the differences?

We have sites from Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com that all share the same business model and that offer little to nothing to the real estate agents that they serve. They all have the same issue for those that they service. The similarities are striking. It is as though they all used the same play book to determine how to break down the areas that they market.

First they, all use Zip Codes and sell the Zip codes to multiple agents same zip code to as many as 12 different real estate agents. These agents are of course in a rotation so that the home buyer is not being presented with 12 agents in any zip code.

This rotation is both good and bad. It is good because it gives multiple agents an opportunity to be presented. It is bad because it is not dependable for the real estate professional.

We felt the system was good but limited so we created Qazzoo so that buyers were not being swamped with agents and not given any real direction as to who to contact. With Qazzoo the buyer is never provided to more than four real estate agents and those agents that do contact the buyer or seller are chosen by the agent not the other way around. The system works well and we are proud to have created the first social search engine.


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