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timeTime is the best friend we will ever have in the real estate game. It is not the enemy. We have time to do so many more things than people in other industries. We have the time to call people after 5:00 when most offices are closed. We have the time to show homes on weekends and that leaves our weekdays free to shop or go to the movies while the lines are short. We have the time to choose which days that we are going to work and which days we are not.

Some agents don’t work on Sunday as that is the day that they have selected for themselves and their families to relax together. They might follow that up with a Monday off and make their weekends into the first two days of the week instead of the first and last days of the week like everyone else.

We have the time to sleep in if we want and work late if we want. We shouldn’t look at time as something that we always have to account for. That is a trap that makes many agents burn out prematurely and seek a job that provides more structure. We can create our own structure but we have to stick to it and make ourselves take that time off and enjoy the time that we have created for ourselves. Guilt or obligation may make us feel like we have to be on call at all times but that is not the case. We are in charge of our own schedule and we can work when we want and that is a gift that we need to embrace and enjoy.


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