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That is right. Legacy leads can be unlocked at no charge. They are absolutely free and you are welcome to select them every day. People ask us why we are providing legacy leads and what is the point of giving something for free. The following is our explanation.

First remember that lead profiles on Qazzoo can be unlocked no more than four times by a real estate agent or loan officer. That same four continue when the profile goes into legacy with the remaining number of unlocked still intact. The number is not increased or decreased. If you are reading this and you are a consumer you can update your profile or remove your profile by contacting CS@Qazzoo.com.

legacyThe point of legacy leads is that many leads on Qazzoo go under-served and we wanted to make sure this was not the case. Legacy leads may be here today and gone tomorrow. It all depends on the experience that the consumers and real estate professionals report having with the legacy lead program. If we get a lot of positive feedback of course we can expand it. If the feedback is not very positive the program could be scrapped in order to increase the Qazzoo experience for the real estate professionals and the consumers. If you have used the legacy program please let us know on this blog, Facebook or give us the old-fashioned telephone call. Qazzoo was built to help people but we need your input to know when we are incredibly successful or just a little successful.

Any way the leads found in legacy are free to the merchants on Qazzoo and are only available a couple at a time. They are only available to be claimed as many times remaining before they became “legacy”.

It is not our intention to hassle the home buyers or sellers. But from decades in real estate we understand that a lead that wasn’t ready 45 days ago could be chomping at the bit now. We also understand that most times real estate pro’s don’t actively follow-up with clients that were not ready, willing and able at the exact time they first contacted them.

This is why we created the legacy lead program. We wanted to promote follow-up and get the people who may have been overlooked, served.

To get to the legacy leads just select the “legacy” button above the search results.

This will swap your search results from the most current to legacy and the predominant color of the page will change.

Just click on the unlock button on any of the legacy leads and they are yours at no charge. We just ask that you treat legacy leads as you would any lead. Follow up and hopefully find some common ground to start a relationship and start helping the consumer get what they want while you get what you want…free.

If you are unable to unlock Legacy leads just call your Qazzoo relationship manager and ask them for a new password or call Client Services at 800-230-9019.

See you soon on Qazzoo.


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