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Mortgage-Leads-300x280Sometimes we get caught up in talking to our clients and forget they want to buy a home. They want this more than they want to discuss the local sports teams or the weather. These ice breakers are wonderful and are a necessary part of creating a relationship. The problem that a lot of us have is that we get caught up in the chatting and forget about the reason that we actually met the client.

People need to buy homes but they don’t need to discuss the non-essentials of life nearly as much as they need to buy a home. This is not to say that it is not important to create that very essential relationship that helps to allow the relationship of trust to continue and grow. The difference is that we need to stay a little focused and not get caught up in the relationship building part and forget why we met them in the first place.

We just need to remember the primary purpose of the relationship is to help them buy a home.

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