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Finding the best real estate agent is no easy feat. The best real estate agent for you may not be the best real estate agent for your best friend. Every buyer or seller is different just as every real estate agent is different. Does finding the best real estate agent mean the agent with the highest number of sales, the highest price per homes sold? Is finding the best real estate agent for you mean that they need twenty years experience?

Some buyers feel more comfortable with agents that are younger and have little to no experience. The newer real estate agent generally provides a perceptive that first time home buyers often gravitate towards. Some believe less experienced agents may be the best real estate agents because they are trying to grow their business and their eagerness many times translates to better service.

New agents normally skew younger and youth in the day of online tool and tech-centric CRM’s and social media could be the the best real estate agent when compared to a more experienced yet less technical savvy real estate agent. It will depend on the needs of the home buyer and their comfort level. Most blogs and guides suggest interviewing several real estate agents. This buying a house thing is a tough decision and being comfortable with the agent chosen can be as important as the house chosen. After all, if the buyer doesn’t feel comfortable with the agent, they are likely to feel uncomfortable with the selection of homes they are presented with.

Funny story:

Years ago in a land far away a very experienced real estate agent knew every home in his area. He was so experienced that he no longer took the time to show the homes to the buyers a delegated that to an assistant. In fact he was so experienced that he did not attend the home inspection or even go to the closing with his clients. This all worked well as he had been in the business so long he knew everything that could possibly go wrong and had created solutions for each one. That was all good until the time he sold the wrong house. It turned out that the address was only one digit off from another house on the same street that was also for sale. It also turns out that one digit means a lot more to the buyers that bought the wrong house, the sellers that thought they had sold their home and the bank that financed the wrong home. No one put it together until the buyers new key would not unlock the door of their new house…then it all started to fit together like Humpty Dumpty.

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