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Finding the best real estate agent if the buyer is selling or buying a waterfront home could be the agent that has lived or currently lives on the same or a near by body of water. Living on the water provides its own set of challenges. Set backs, raparien and non raparien waterfront homes are a unique and potentially complicated situation. This is a specific knowledge and experience with waterfront homes should be higher on the list when it comes to finding the best real estate agent for this rare and highly specialized type of real estate.

waterfrontConservation areas and the environment are considerations that may force the new owners to either care for or at least be careful not to impact the areas protected by environmental rules and regulations. There are so many trips and traps that agents with too much confidence and too little experience may cause more problems than they solve.

Funny story here:

It’s easy to out smart bureaucrats Or so he thought…when he started cutting down trees on his own property which was in an environmentally protected area. The County didn’t want to get into a long court battle but since they own the court room…what the heck?! It all started when the potential new home owner wanted to clear his view to the water but the department of natural resources doesn’t allow tree removal within 100 feet from the waters edge. In order to close the deal the real estate agent told him about the “old green blanket trick” where you cut down a tree at night and lay a circular green blanket down where the tree used to be before the sun comes up. “Satellite photos can’t tell the difference” the agent told the new home owner. Clever and cunning as the realtor was he was also wrong as trees are not inspected by satellites but by real people in real cars that provide real fines and possible jail time. The old green blanket trick cost the trusting home owner $20,000 in fines plus court costs and replanting new trees.

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