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focus2Finding the best real estate agent could mean that the real estate agent has a particular focus. As an example the best real estate agent when looking to purchase in a well defined community or neighborhood may mean that the agent that lives in that community could be the best option and more weight should be put on that data point than the fact that another real estate may seem more knowledgeable or have more experienced.

Finding the best real estate agent is a subjective matter rather than an objective one. When was the last time any real estate agent ever told the potential buyer “You need to call Ms. Someonelse, because their better than me”? That doesn’t happen often and it shouldn’t, but what agents do instead is they turn their focus towards the buyer they feel they can get to the closing table with with less challenges. The passive ignoring of potentially problematic clients is not exclusive to the real estate profession. It’s just human nature so much so that we have a saying for it “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

Funny story:

Yes people do misrepresent themselves beyond dating sites and Facebook. In the case of real estate sales it is nearly impossible to know everything about everything. But one agent didn’t think that should stand in his way from promoting himself as an expert in all things. So after selling an out of town client a waterfront house that was not within code and could not have a pier built, had taxes twice as high as he had quoted the buyers and the lot next door was not part of the deal as stated. All this because the agent was not experienced with waterfront homes, the area, and was not experienced enough to realize he didn’t have to be all things to all people…but they may never come.

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