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Finding the best real estate agent could be based on their ability to negotiate. Negotiating is part of buying or selling a home. The self proclaimed “Tough Negotiators” can negotiate their clients out of the deal and no one wins.

Negotiating is like dancing and it’s important to find the right fit here. Most home buyers are not emotionless, features are nothing and finance is everything types. In that rare situation where the agent feels that the other party must lose in order for them to win, a buyer is likely to find themselves spending more weekends driving around in order to repeat the same mistake of trying to make a good deal into a great deal. While others that entered the market at about the same time were able to spend their weekends playing with their kids in their new backyards while the tough negotiator’s clients are going home to their old home and no one really won.

negotiate2“Win Win” means that everyone had their needs met, not that we beat the other party down twice. When everyone wins, deals stay together, everyone is satisfied and the deal closes more often, not to mention the good Karma that fills the new house and permeates the home for years to come. So, is the tough negotiator the best real estate agent for you? Only you can answer that question.

Funny story:

Years ago in a real estate market far, far away a hard nosed negotiator put a contract on a house for his clients. The house was perfect for the new buyers as mom lived on the same street and mom was the daycare provider. The community was small and houses did not often come on the market. The home that was for sale was a little higher than the average home and the Cracker Jack negotiator set out to show everyone in the galaxy…err area who was the best negotiator.

The great negotiator didn’t realize that the seller didn’t know or care about his reputation and therefore they tired of his back and forth, nickel and dime behavior and sold the house to another buyer who wrote a clean contract without all the clever by half silliness. The down side of the story was that the buyers never did buy a home and years later they lived in the same apartment, miles from Moms house. Great Job, Cracker Jack!

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