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What the four little bubbles mean beneath each profile?

We have been providing real estate leads to real estate pros since January 2012 and we have been lucky enough to have some of the most loyal real estate professionals in the industry. By performing a search in the window above it is easy to see why; the ability to pick and choose which homebuyers that the professional wants to work with provides a completely new dynamic to the Real Estate leads industry as well as the search engine industry. Searching can be as  simple as adding your Zip Code to the search window and clicking “Go”.

The results will be hundreds even thousands of homebuyers and home sellers in your area. Qazzoo has over a million real estate leads in the searchable database at any given time.

So what do those little bubbles mean? They are there so that you can quickly and easily see how many shares have been claimed by other real estate professionals. The White bubble indicates that the share has not been claimed. Gray bubbles indicate that someone else has claimed that share of the Real Estate lead and Green indicates that the person searching (when logged in) has already claimed that particular share of that real estate lead.

4 bubblesIt is a pretty simple system (or so we thought) but it does throw some users off. The bubble system of communicating usage is one of those elements that we are considering removing in favor of a less confusing method that is designed to be the easiest and least expensive fashion of generating real estate leads. We are open to input on this or any other subject as we constantly pursue improvements to the user experience on Qazzoo.

Real estate agents, loan officers, home buyers and home sellers use Qazzoo each and every day in the efforts of connecting with each other. We listen to and respect any and all input as we strive to be the initial point of contact for an increasing number of Qazzoo members.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 800-230-9019 or email Qazzoo at CS@Qazzoo.com


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