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Why are the profiles presented in the order that they are?

If you haven’t performed a search on Qazzoo yet, just add your zip code to the search bar above and hit the “Go” button. The results may surprise you as the results are all real estate leads. These home buyers and or home sellers have included their consumer profile to the Qazzoo search engine. These buyers and sellers are looking for help from local Real Estate professionals and the Real Estate professional members of Qazzoo who can select the consumers that they feel that they can help. Real Estate leads that are self selected is a new concept in the days when leads are blindly sent to real estate pros who are forced to pay for whatever comes down the pike.

locayta-search-ranking-algorithmThe profiles on Qazzoo that are presented are determined by thousands of factors that are each appraised and then calculated based on the search criteria of the user performing the search. Factors that are included in the algorithm that dictate the order of profiles presented include, time that the profile was uploaded, amount of information input by the consumer, quality of the information provided by the consumer as well as several thousand additional factors that make up the Qazzoo special sauce.

We are always improving and expanding the Qazzoo search engine to increase the flexibility of the searchers options as well as the ability to have the consumer enrich the information on their own profile. To keep up with the changes that are continually being made and improvements that are constantly uploaded to improve the Qazzoo experience that all real estate professionals “like” Qazzoo on Facebook as well as following this blog.

If someone has a question we ask that those questions be asked here on the Qazzoo blog so that we can answer those questions with more specificity.

Some of our newer features are:

  1. The ability to search for home sellers by adding “Homeowners in (your zip code)” in the search box. This will provide you with only people who are looking to buy a home and already own one that they need to sell.
  2. Push notifications from the Qazzoo app (both Android and Apple) centralized to the areas that area pertinent to the professional.
  3. The ability to add or remove areas of interest on the fly online or on via the app.

As always if you have any questions call 800-230-9019 or email Qazzoo as CS@Qazzoo.com


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