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How to claim a lead?  or “Consumer Profiles”

If you are still not familiar with Qazzoo, go to the search window above and add your Zip Code or that of where you are looking to create more business. You will find thousands of homebuyers and sellers in and around that particular Zip Code. We strive to make Qazzoo easier to use all the time and so far it has been so easy that thousands of real estate leads/buyers and sellers have added their consumer profiles and hundreds of new professionals become members every month.

Question Mark man sitting on itBut how to claim a lead/consumer profile is the subject of this post so let’s tackle that.

After you have searched and identified a consumer profile that you would like to connect with, use the drop down box that reads “Contact me” and select how many shares of the consumers profile you would like to claim.

You will see that every share requires the same number of shares. Once you have selected the number of shares you would like to claim, just click it and those shares will be removed from the remaining shares. The profile will go directly into your Qazzoo CRM (client resource management) that we call “Recent Connections” from there you can take notes or prioritize or any number of other actions. Be sure to Like Qazzoo on Facebook so that you can stay up on all the new features and functions of Qazzoo and especially the CRM/Recent Connections which is designed to help you manage all of your recent connections easily and without all of the steps which make most CRM’s too complicated to actually be useful. Like all other aspects the CRM is designed to be user-friendly and minimalistic so that you are not required to spend your time reading a user manual when you want to be selling homes.


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