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What are Qazzoo Credits?

If you haven’t performed a search for home buyers or sellers on Qazzoo yet, please do. Without performing a search this post will mean very little to you. It is really very simple. Add “Home buyers (your Zip Code) in the search bar above and hit the “Go” tab and you will see all of the homebuyers that are located in that geographic area. On any given day Qazzoo has over 1 million homebuyers who have asked for help in finding their new home or financing their new home or even selling their existing home. The Qazzoo professional membership is growing every day and we do keep the number of professionals in any given area restricted so don’t hesitate, perform a search and see the difference Qazzoo can make in your life.


Because Qazzoo is a social network and there are over 1 million homebuyers and sellers online at any given time, Qazzoo had to be able to organize the number of consumer profiles that pour in every day. For that reason we had to come up with a quality score, so that the highest quality profiles came up higher in the search results. Quality score is based on the amount of information the consumer provided as well as thousands of additional variables. For this reason you won’t always find the most recent profile as the search engine tries to learn what you are most interested in.

By using credits Qazzoo is providing you with an opportunity to see the ranking of the profile at a glance and that number is then associated with a couple of cents per credit. We currently provide the approximate price alongside each profile for ease of understanding but because Qazzoo has several different pricing structures members that join with a higher initial financial commitment are able to claim shares at a lower price than another professional that joined at a lower investment level.

We thought that this was the most fair to all parties and it allows Qazzoo to use our proprietary and patented system of locating and connecting with whom you find a common interest.


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