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How to get Free leads off of Qazzoo?

If you are looking for real estate leads your search is over; Qazzoo has over 1 million home buyers and sellers online at any time. You need only do a search in the search window above to find local home buyers and sellers that have said that they want help. Perform a search using “Home Buyers in (Your Zip Code) and you will see the difference between Qazzoo and every other real estate lead source on the web.

Each lead, or as we prefer “profile” has all the pertinent contact information and you are free to search through and select the profiles that match what your looking for in the way of buyers and or sellers. Sellers are identified on Qazzoo as “Home owners” these Home owners are looking to buy and since we know that 90% of buyers that currently own a home must sell that home, they represent a potential sale and listing.  As the average profile on Qazzoo requires about 38 credits to claim we can also say that 38 credits equals about $3.00, which is the least expensive and most cost effective way that we know of to generate home buyers and as we said potential listings.

Even with the low cost of claiming a profile on Qazzoo we thought it worthwhile to create a system that provided free credits for those that are willing to do a little extra in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

In full disclosure you must be a current member of Qazzoo in order to receive the free credits/leads but that is pretty easy too. If you are not a member just call 800-230-9019 and start your profile. If you are already a member let’s get started generating free credits so that you can claim more real estate leads that you may have ever thought possible.










The simple stuff:

  1. Like Qazzoo on Facebook and receive 25 free credits
  2. Follow Qazzoo on Twitter and receive another 25 free credits
  3. Plus 1 Qazzoo on Google + and receive 25 free credits
  4. Download the Qazzoo Mobile app and receive 25 free credits
  5. Write a blog post and submit it to CS@Qazzoo and get 25 free credits (Blog posts have to be about your thoughts or experience in Real Estate and about 300 words)
  6. 250 free credits are yours for recommending a friend (When they join you get 250 free credits and so do they)

Those are just some of the ways to generate free credits/Real Estate leads by becoming more active with Qazzoo. With most of the items listed we will not know  you performed the action unless you tell someone on the Qazzoo team, so call the 800-230-9019 number and let us know or reach out via email at CS@Qazzoo.com

We are always thinking of new ways to generate free credits for you so we would also appreciate any ideas you may have to improve and grow the network of Qazzoo real estate professionals and the homebuyers that use Qazzoo in order to find their preferred real estate expert.

Start today and join the largest network of real estate buyers, sellers and the professionals that service their needs.


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