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Mobile app and bringing the buyers with you!


If you are one of the millions to try the P90X workout (it’s on TV 24/7) you have heard Tony Horton, the physical fitness version of  Charles Manson, using this expression. If you are one of the multi-millions that have never tried P90X consider yourself wise, lucky and a little less healthy than if you had. Tony often says “Man-O-Manischewitz” when he is excited and that is how we feel about the benefits of downloading the Qazzoo app to your smartphone. And one of the best parts is that you won’t find yourself in a hospital complaining of pains throughout your entire body with the Qazzoo app!

They are both great, one just hurts so much that you wind up crying out “Mommy” in your sleep and the other delivers real time leads to  your smartphone. You guess which one is which?

If you guessed wrong there is no point reading further.

But you didn’t guess wrong…..cause your still reading!

Another benefits of downloading the app depends on how you work. If you like to contact Real Estate leads immediately then the real time feed/push notifications will be what you like best.

But if you are a listing agent and want to increase your closing ratio on your listing appointments. The search function on the Qazzoo app can be your best friend.

The search function allows you to bring your smartphone to a listing appointment and when the potential listing asks you “How long will it take to sell my house?”

mza_3485047696570087219.320x480-75You can pull out your phone and do a quick search and answer with something like “Well in my database I have 312 home buyers shopping for homes in this area within your price range”

That’s when Tony would say “Man-O-Manischewitz!”

If the seller doesn’t sign the listing contract at that point, there is something seriously wrong with them and you should leave the house immediately and consider reporting them to the authorities. (kidding here)

But real time push notifications and increasing your listings by using the Qazzoo app are just two of the advantages of downloading the app.

The app is also completely synced with the Qazzoo site so you can manage your Real Estate leads wherever you are. Say you are at home watching a Celebrity Chef screaming at some poor soul you can always whip out your phone, take a break from the cursing and prioritize your leads or send emails without missing a single F-bomb. Now that is a powerful reason to download an app!

As features and functions are added nearly every week to Qazzoo and the app receives constant updates you can keep up by “Liking” Qazzoo on Facebook. Either on your smartphone or online.

For example today is “Free Lead Friday” and if you are a member of Qazzoo you can claim one free lead, but only if you know about “Free Lead Friday” which is announced on Facebook. So go ahead while you are thinking about it and download the app and be sure to “Like” Qazzoo on Facebook.

Good luck out there and we hope to see you soon on Qazzoo.

As always if you have any questions please ask them here on the Qazzoo blog so that we can answer with more detail or call 800-230- 9019 and get your Qazzoo on.


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