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To find homebuyer leads in your area we suggest performing a search in the search bar above for your local area. Use a zip code, city or county and you will be surprised how many homebuyers are already looking for you

How to use Qazzoo to close 9 out of 10 listing appointments

Some Real Estate agents are more listing focused than buyer focused. Everyone approaches Real Estate differently. These listing agents are generally more concerned about Real estate listing rather than how to find homebuyers. This is where Qazzoo again breaks all the traditional molds and can be used as the most powerful listing tool that we know of.

Here is the scenario:

You go to a listing appointment and the seller is talking to you about your qualifications and how you would go about advertising and promoting their home for sale. You know that the seller has interviewed several Real Estate agents and will choose the one that generally gives them the highest level of comfort. This of course is balanced with the agent that communicates to the seller that they can get the highest price for their home with a degree of realistic expectations. We all know that the seller is interested to find out how to find homebuyers for their home. They don’t care if you have a GRI or a doctorate in Real Estate psychology. They want to know that you know how to sell their home and the quicker the better.

Every agent knows this dance all too well but few agents know what you are going to learn right now.

Try this dialogue:

“Yes Mrs. Seller I think your home is fine for showing now and before I got here I checked my database of buyers” of course you mean the Qazzoo database of homebuyers “and I have 162 homebuyers in this area looking for a home in this price range”

For added effect you can pull out your smartphone and gesture that your database is in your phone, because it is with the Qazzoo app and mobile site.

That is going to get you the listing 9 out of 10 times. All you did (and I just did it) was go to the Qazzoo search engine and search my Zip Code for homebuyers between $300,000 and $500,000 and I received 162 results in my area.

This is just one method of using Qazzoo to increase your number of listings. Another method will be outlined in the next post entitled “How to get listings using Qazzoo” where we will show you the easy and quick ways to increase your Real Estate listings without breaking your back to do it.


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