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To find homebuyer leads in your area we suggest performing a search in the search bar above for your local area. Use a zip code, city or county and you will be surprised how many homebuyers are already looking for you

How to make contact with the real estate leads on Qazzoo

The first thing you should do is a simple search using only the Zip Code that you are looking to find homebuyers. The homebuyers are presented based on where they are looking not where they are located when they make the request. So if you have done a search you are now looking at results which are not too different from looking at a traditional search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. The results are just the opposite. Instead of seeing links to websites for merchants, the roles have been reversed and you are now the merchant seeing profile results from homebuyers. These profiles represent both “homebuyers” and “home sellers” looking to buy or sell in the Zip Code you entered and the surrounding Zip Codes.

The first profile you see on the top of the search results may not be the most recent but at this point of development it normally is. However, if a consumer profile that was just added is found by the Qazzoo engine to be of lesser quality the highest quality profile may show up on top. The algorithm is fairly complex and trying to explain it would require another 200 pages to explain. Add to the 200 pages the fact that the search engine is being modified and changed every day and you will just have to take my word on this. The concept is to remove the middle man and allow social media to take a turn at being productive for businesses that need to find a better way to generate new business. In this case we are discussing Real Estate but Qazzoo is built to support a multitude of professionals and industries.

Back to finding the “Best” Real Estate leads on Qazzoo.

Quality is based on a number of factors that are too many to annotate here. But the search engine uses data points such as:

  1. How many questions did the consumer answer?
  2. What was the quality of that information ex. A person looking in Beverly Hills California that indicates that they want a $150,000 home is scored and ranked in real time and the obvious conflict is picked up and the profile is scored low which means it will be found deeper in the search for 90210. If that same homebuyer modifies their profile (and they do) and they change the $150,000 to $1,500,000 then that modified profile will replace the previous profile and will be re-scored and ranked higher for two reasons. The price point shows a greater degree of reality in that market and the fact that the consumer took the time to correct his profile means that he or she is highly motivated.

The important thing to remember when using Qazzoo is to go deeper than the front page. Qazzoo is a search engine and it is not perfect. It is learning all the time and is being improved everyday but there are also too many Real Estate leads to list on the front page of the search results and know they are the “Best” for your needs.


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