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The incredible (there I go) benefits of using Qazzoo

Qazzoo is like nothing before it; Instead of paying for leads or geographic advertising and getting whatever comes your way. Even worse is trying to run an advertising campaign on a large, complicated and expensive search engine. Instead Qazzoo reverses the entire process of real estate lead generation and lets the consumer create their own profile and then the Real Estate professional, that believes that they can help the home buyer based on the information the home buyers submitted, selects them. If you haven’t done a search yet, add your Zip Code to the search bar above and see the results you get, it is pretty cool to see how many home buyers are trying to find you at the same time you are trying to find them.


Back to tooting our own horn now.

The average cost of a click on Google last year was $1.24 per click. That means that creating a lead online cost $124.00. That $124.00 got one lead that has a quality of who the heck knows. That is why you find so few Real Estate pros advertising on major search engines. And when you do they are up and gone pretty quickly after they realize what they didn’t get and what they spent not to get it.

Qazzoo removes the blindfold and lets the user see the details of the consumer profiles before committing to either paying for or communicating with a particular home buyer. On Qazzoo you can see all of the information the home buyer provided when they created their own profile and adding it to Qazzoo and becoming a Real Estate lead.

Qazzoo is for proactive real estate professionals. If you want to generate some leads on a Saturday afternoon because you have some spare time. You don’t have to wait to receive a lead from your advertising campaign, just do a search on either the Qazzoo website, mobile app or check your email. Qazzoo sends real time leads via push notifications for both Android and iPhone as well as emailing those leads to the members of Qazzoo every day. And you never pay for any real estate leads that you don’t think you can help.
Qazzoo is not advertising. Qazzoo is pure lead selection. No wasted dollars spent or time wasted waiting for a lead to hit your email box. That system was developed in the late 90’s by guess who? If you guessed the same guys that created USHUD you would be correct.Is Qazzoo perfect? Well no it is not perfect but it is getting closer every day and we understand the need to create business and not waste time and money in the meantime. That is why Qazzoo guarantees each and every real estate lead for accurate contact information.

Since we designed the first ever geographic advertising online we were also the first to realize the short comings of the system and have created several solutions to the issue of being restricting real estate professionals by zip codes or counties or any other artificial invisible boundaries.

Qazzoo has NO Geographic restrictions that are common to online advertising campaigns. On Qazzoo you can search any zip code, city or whatever you wish in order to find the home buyers that you want to work with. Loan officers find this function especially helpful as they are often licensed in multiple states and are not bound to the same physical geographic areas that normally apply to real estate agents. However real estate agents that advertise with 99.9% of all advertising campaigns are still restricted by geography and are also normally rotated with other advertisers on the same site. (See Zillow or Trulia as examples of this rotation)

So go ahead and look in other areas. Sometimes it is just interesting to see the difference between people from different areas who are looking for different things. Sometimes it is also interesting to see that people in Minnesota are looking for the same thing as people in Hawaii. We are all people and the differences and similarities can be an eye opener.


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