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To find homebuyer leads in your area we suggest performing a search in the search bar above for your local area. Use a zip code, city or county and you will be surprised how many homebuyers are already looking for you

Best practices for how to find Real Estate Leads on Qazzoo

The reason it is so hard to discover how to find real estate leads online is that the companies that have been successful in taking the internet and beat the Newspapers over the head with it have become the intermediary. Remember econ 101? First step is to either remove the middle man or become the middle man. So Qazzoo has removed the middle man. Now there is no one between you and the consumer member that also joined Qazzoo. You just need to know how to find the right Real Estate leads on Qazzoo and the rest will fall into place.

Step 1 Search

Put the desired zip code in the search bar and click “Go”. I say desired because you may have a listing across town that you are looking to sell and you want to find a particular buyer. Or, you may have a desire to start working in a zip code that you don’t normally work but want to branch out to. Remember you can also use City, County and sometimes neighborhood, but your best bet is to use Zip codes for the most exact results.

Step 2 Select

Now you are looking at a long list of homebuyers and sellers on Qazzoo. You wanted to find real estate buyers online and here they are. Millions of homebuyers every day. The important thing to note here is that each homebuyer is scored by Qazzoo based on the information that the homebuyer provided as well as some information that you requested. Consequently a homebuyer that just posted their profile on Qazzoo may show up below another homebuyer that posted their profile yesterday. This ranking is not only about the amount of information but the quality of that information.  Now it is up to you the real estate professional to determine who you want to work with. If the homebuyer meets the criteria that you are seeking at that time than you should immediately connect with that person so that you can offer to service their real estate needs. If the persons profile appears to be someone that you cannot assist for whatever reason, don’t select them. The choice is yours. We like to believe there is a top for every pot so find what fits your business focus.
In order to connect with a homebuyer and gain all of the necessary contact information you can either click on the consumer profile header or the  and go to the “view details” link toward the bottom of their  profile and you will land on their details page where you can see all the information that the homebuyer provided. (many times homebuyers will add, update or remove information entirely from their profile) now that you are on the details page you can see everything that the homebuyer provided except for the name and contact information, but getting this is also easy.

Step 3 Connect

Select the “Contact Me” drop down and you will see all of the remaining shares available for that consumer profile. There are only 4 shares available for each consumer profile (Real Estate lead). Follow the drop down and choose how many shares of the remaining that you wish to claim. Those shares will be removed from the total shares available (max 4) and then the contact details for that consumer profile are now immediately exposed to you. The profile will also be added to your “Recent Connections” on the upper right hand side of the screen when you are logged in.


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