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If you are looking for how to find homebuyers you are in the best spot in the world. Above this post is a search window. Add your zip, county or city in the window and hit “Go”. You will find over 1 million homebuyers that are experiencing the same problem as you. That problem is connecting. Not just connecting to information. That is a problem all to its own. The million plus homebuyers that you will find on the Qazzoo search engine are having a problem connecting with Real Estate agents and loan officers. They can find houses all over the internet, but connecting with the right agent or loan officer is far more difficult for them.

As the internet continues to mature and new uses of the technology are created every couple of seconds we sometimes forget that buying a house is very personal. And the internet can be a very impersonal place. In this dehumanizing digital age where you can buy any book in the world with a single click we tend to forget that buying a house or getting a mortgage is not a transaction, and that it’s a relationship that leads to a transaction. When we look for how to find homebuyers we need to maintain the humanity of the experience or we will damage the ability to create a relationship and that leads to less people having their needs met.

Imagine going into a car dealership and no one is there to help you. You are free to walk around, look at the cars but you can’t touch them and you can’t ask any questions. Then you leave and walk across the street to another car dealership where you are met with a handshake from a knowledgeable sales person that lives in your community. Which dealership do you think you would buy your car from and which dealership do you think would have the highest number of transactions per month?

I think it is the second as the second dealership met you with a human. If that human is remotely good at his job he asked you a series of questions that did three things.

  1. Made you feel that he had your best interest at heart
  2. Qualified you as a potential sale
  3. Gave you information that you wanted to know without you having to do the research


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