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Essential Nerd Rules of Engagement

As already noted in part II of this series most programmers are not great communicators. They are great at logical thinking and most are incredibly detail oriented. But communications are not their strong suites. As a matter of fact when our entire staff took personality tests it made so much sense to me why I had such a difficult time getting through to the tech team. For years I had daily meetings and they would sit there and not say anything. Just sort of let me have my 30 to 45 minutes of asking questions and then they would provide me with as little information as possible back. I thought at times they were planning a revolt or my assassination. Whatever it was, after that personality test I came to realize that they had a completely different way of thinking than most people. I compared their test results to the sales team and the difference provided me with the answers to why tech and sales were constantly at each other. Sales people and technicians were easily identifiable from each other without even seeing the name on the results. Sales were 180 degrees from tech. Tech was fairly close to admin with exception of admin enjoying tasks that were repetitive.

But I go back to the difference between tech and sales and of course I am in the sales category and the fact that they hadn’t killed me was astonishing. Their tests indicated that they were far more receptive to emails or newsletters and far less receptive to large meetings where we all took a turn reporting on our projects and the statuses. Where I thought they were stonewalling me, they thought they were being open and helpful.

The point is to remember these different personality types when you look at something like Facebook, Twitter and whatever is next and realize that the tech guys that designed them are different from those of us in the sales world. Facebook was not designed to show you how to find homebuyer leads. In fact it is the opposite. If you are trying to find homebuyer leads Facebook is probably the worst thing you could do with your time. Go ahead and put up on your wall that you want to sell all of your “Friends” a home and see how many “friends” you lose. Facebook was created by and for people that want to have friends that had a hard time making them in real life and not for business. It is not Facebook’s  goal to help you sell more homes. It is Facebook’s  goal to get you on the site and keep you there as long as possible as a voyeur not as a participant. Facebook was built by technicians and they designed it for themselves because we all think that everyone thinks like us….but we don’t.


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