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Attack of the Nerds 

A question that Real Estate agents used to ask themselves was:

“How to find homebuyers”

Then the question became:

“How to find homebuyers online?”

Now the question is more like:

“How to find homebuyers online? On mobile sites? On mobile apps? Via social media? Do I tweet? Do I post? Is 10,000 friends enough?……..”

The list and the growing confusion continues to boggle the minds of us that are actually in the business of Real Estate sales and are not paid to be techies but are forced into the role of technician because of the ever changing world around us. The secret answer to the question “How to find homebuyers?” and all the associated questions can be solved without another seconds thought:

Place your local zip, City or County into the search window above this post and hit the “go” button. You will immediately discover how to find homebuyers because you will be looking at a list of thousands of homebuyers in your area. Qazzoo was created by a team of ex Real Estate professionals and Qazzoo was built with one idea in mind. The entire idea boiled down to its core is connecting real people with a need to real people who can meet that need without intermediaries.

It seems that every time a genius from a Harvard, Stanford or MIT creates another online social platform they leave out the human element from the equation. My personal thoughts on this are that most computer programmers are not as communicative as the average person and have vastly different personalities compared to Real Estate professionals. This is not to say one is better than the other. We as humans are just different and thank god for it.

While Real Estate pro’s tend to be more gregarious and are free to communicate albeit sometimes too much (like me now) computer programmers are far less likely to tell a joke or over communicate at the wrong time. In fact programmers are more likely to under communicate. This is one reason that when a programmer creates an online platform, that platform is likely to try to remove as much actual direct human interaction as possible from the platform. This dehumanizing is perfect from their standpoint but not so good if you are trying to figure out how to find homebuyer leads online. Dehumanizing is a phenomenon that has lead us to be less close to more people rather than closer to our people that really matter to us. And this phenomenon can be traced to a couple simple reasons.


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