Q A Z Z O O . C O M


This is the fourth installation of how to find homebuyers online so I will once again lead you in the direction of Qazzoo and ask that you perform a search in the window above? Just put your Zip Code or City or County in the search window and step on the go button.

What did you see?

What? You didn’t do it yet?

I am serious! Do it once and see what you find!

……thanks. That was pretty cool wasn’t it?

I mean you are asking how to find homebuyers online and you just discovered the coolest thing that you have ever seen. Right?

Well if you missed it and if you are still reading this you must have missed something, what you saw was the first ever search engine that answers the question “How to find homebuyers” by allowing you to Search, Select and Connect with homebuyers in your local area. Qazzoo gives homebuyers the opportunity to generate their own profile and then get contacted by local professionals that feel that they can and want to help them. And thousands of homebuyers create their own profile each day on Qazzoo then Qazzoo presents them to you.

I will let that sink in…..

Yep, instead of placing adverts on websites or paying for a click or by impression and hoping that someone of value clicks on your advertisement you can search for whatever you want. If you want to know how to find homebuyers in a particular price range? Search for it. And there they are.

If you want to know how to find homebuyers in a particular Zip Code? Search for it and there they are.

You only have to connect with the homebuyers that you choose. No more zombies clicking on your banner, costing you money and leaving you nothing to show for it. Oh here is another great part.

If you connect with a home buyer on Qazzoo and it turns out to be one of those bogus people who think it’s funny to put Ben Dover or leave the phone number of the local morgue, just flag the profile and you are refunded immediately.

This is literally the coolest thing I have ever seen. Why did we build it? Well the answer to that is what came before Qazzoo which is covered in the next post.


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