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If you have been following these posts or this is your first read of the series on how to find homebuyers online I am compelled to instruct you to go to the search window above this post and perform a simple search. Just put your zip code in the search window and click go. You will be looking at a new breed of searching. The results will not be the traditional search results of all of your competitors. Instead you will find over a million homebuyers who have created profiles on Qazzoo in order to be found by real estate agents and loan officers. These homebuyers want to be helped and it is up to you to help them.

Now that you have done this you have discovered the easiest way imaginable for the question of how to find homebuyers. You don’t have to have a high tech, mega brain under your employ or outsource the building of your world class website to your nephew. In fact to use Qazzoo you only need to start a profile and get some credits, then the world is at your fingertips and homebuyer leads will be emailed to you whenever they are generated in your area of interest.

But if you are determined to build a world class website that is always your option and below are some of the rules that apply to building a website that will do more than suck you pocket dry and leave you wondering why you spent so much time on the color and photos and all of the incidentals that at the end of the day don’t really matter.

“Ugly works” was the mantra of website developers that didn’t have a graphics person on staff. And they weren’t completely wrong. What they really should have said was “It doesn’t matter how good or bad it looks as long as it performs the required task. So what is the required task of a real estate professionals website?

I have always believed that the task of a real estate website was not to sell a home but to generate a lead. Leads become sales in the right hands. The days when e-commerce ruled the day are long gone and we need to follow what is now possible and not try to do what has been proven by many a bankrupt companies to be impossible. Selling a house online is sorry to say impossible or at least highly unlikely.

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