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As previously discussed once you get your TLD (top level domain) or URL (universal resource locator) you need to focus on the efficiency of the site and what you need the site to do. Because this post is directed at real estate agents does not preclude loan officers from benefiting as well. So if you are a loan officer and you are also asking how to find homebuyers I assure you that this post will also help you.

With stellar URL in hand you now need to create the most fluid navigation possible so that the potential homebuyer is able to get the information that they want without having to think. This is key so I will repeat it. You don’t want the homebuyer to have to think. This does not mean they are stupid or that they are not computer savvy. It means that if the navigation process is intuitive enough the user/homebuyer will naturally travel down the path that creates the highest number of leads per visitor possible. Below are some simple rules of thumb that you can test your existing site against and see if it passes the intuitive test.

  1. What do you have listed in the top left section of the page? If it is “About us” you have already failed. They don’t care about you yet and by offering this first the chances are they never will get a chance. You need to offer what they are looking for and not be coy about it. “View Homes” or “Home Search” should be the first thing they see because that is what they came for.
  2. Does your website offer several (at least 3) different ways of getting to the properties on your site? Too often we are afraid of seeming salesy but selling is our job. You will only get what you ask for so offer them several ways of getting to your properties and they won’t have to poke around and become frustrated because you didn’t require them to think.


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