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So now that we have covered what doesn’t work….selling homes online. What does work is generating leads and turning those leads into sales. So lets discuss how to create a lead online. And I don’t mean a lead every now and then I mean consistent leads each and every day. Knowing that you will have homebuyers to work with every day and not waiting for the rainbow carrying the one lead that has found the perfect house on your site and decided to buy it with his leprechaun pot of gold.

First find a great URL. How to find homebuyers is really how they find you. If your URL is Yourname.com or Yournamesellshomes.com you are going to lose in the battle of getting people to click on to your site.

A great URL is more generic than that. A URL that tells what you do and where you do it is a good place to start. I have not checked for these but I think they are good examples:




Even the dot nets of these URL’s are better than using your name. no one cares what you name is except you and chances are they are not going to remember it. by using a generic easy to remember URL you can count on getting some return traffic. The best part of return traffic is that it is free. And this also breeds more return traffic and then they go there because they know the second step that we have to consider in order for your site to get close to being great. How to find homebuyers is less important than what you do with them once you have found them. This means navigation.

Navigation is the key to get people to rely on your site for information. The easier you can make it for them the better. So we will focus on navigation in our next post in the series of how to find homebuyers.


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