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As we covered in a previous post tech’s just think differently than those that sell. Those that sell realize the value of human contact. Face to face. Most technical people would rather communicate via text messaging or email. The second reason that platforms designed by technical people leave out the human aspect is the law of scalability. Tech’s get this better than sales people. Maybe sales people value their skills too much, but as a sales professional myself, I believe that human contact is important in making a deal and emails and text messaging can just get in the way. But the law of scalability requires that designers of platforms like Google, Facebook and other mighty dogs in the internet kennel need scalability.

Scalability requires removing the human from the process as quickly and as often as possible.

So why does this affect me?  You may be asking? Well if you are going to try to figure out how to find homebuyers you first have to think about the method that you are using. Your method is probably an advertising platform. Either your own website or someone else’s. Look at whatever platform it is and ask yourself: “Was this platform designed to connect humans or to come between humans?”

If it is designed to come between humans. Dump it.

I look at Real Estate websites all day long and 99.9% of them are nothing more than an online brochure which offers little in the way of generating business for the website owner. Buying a home is eliminating and by offering too much information you are also providing information that provides the potential buyer to eliminate homes found on your website and therefore working with you. That is not your goal.

There are a couple of techniques for designing a more compelling and efficient website and we will go into those techniques in another series but for now it is more important that you look at what you are doing online and off and determine who is benefiting from your efforts. If the true beneficiary is the company that designed your website than you need to either dump it completely or redesign it.

That’s it for this week in “How to find homebuyers online” next week we will cover the free and easy essentials of a creating a good website.



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