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Features and benefits are just part of the tools that are needed to sell real estate. The other part that is sometimes missing in the equation is focus.

benefitsFocus is an absolute must. Focusing on the essential elements that make the home that we are showing different and better than any other option. Real estate agents that focus on the color of the drapes or the tile in the bathroom are missing the big picture as these things are not going to change the life of the buyer. They are nice details and can even be benefits but focusing on the small details that don’t mean as much as other items that don’t change are far more effective such as design of home, type of home, neighborhood and convenience to work and entertainment  are far more effective benefits to focus on.

Features such as drapes, carpet color and convection ovens are of little importance as they can be easily changed and represent a small value of the entire home. Remember benefits sell and features tell.

We need to focus on the community, the amenities and convenience to major transportation routes, hospitals and the things that don’t change. After they have seen the bigger picture then we can always go back to the little details. Once the bigger picture is appreciated the smaller details start to make more a larger impact and we are not wasting our time or attention on the wrong things.


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