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Summer is officially here in full force, I don’t know about where all you readers are from, but I am from Severna Park, MD, and live in Annapolis, MD. If you are familiar with the area you understand how terrible the traffic is almost every day on Route 50 during the summer with all the people packing up and hitting the road to head to Ocean City, MD every weekend.

summertimeWhile many people like to think that being on vacation is great for a Real Estate Professional it is not because when they take a vacation they are not making any money, they don’t have vacation pay; no houses sold means no money made. However, when other people go on vacation it is a great thing because this is often the time when they have nothing to do, lots of free time to research moving, buying a new house, selling a house, etc.

This is also a great time to contact a Real Estate Agent to begin the process of looking for a home! So essentially what I am saying is that if you are active in marketing yourself as an expert in the field that can help people with their search of a new dream home you are on the right track. For these people, Summer = Real Estate Leads, and if you know where to look it can mean plenty of them.

Here at Qazzoo we have tons of homebuyers and home sellers filling out profiles every single day. Every single person is seeking help from one of you Real Estate Professionals. Every single profile is a real estate lead, homebuyer lead, home seller lead, or whatever you want to call it. And trust me when I say we have a ton of them here, with a variety of price ranges, credit ratings, and locations.

Now I know this sounds too good to be true, but believe me its real and it does exist, see for yourself by entering into the search bar above “Homebuyers (or Home Sellers) in XXXXXXXXX (enter a city and state you want to work in or zip-code) you will love what you see. And if you are not yet signed up with Qazzoo you are missing out on a great opportunity where you actually get to pick which buyer or seller profile you would like to work with. Yeah that’s right, I said it, YOU PICK WHICH REAL ESTATE LEAD YOU WANT TO CLAIM!

Qazzoo is completely revolutionizing the real estate lead generation business, we don’t send you whatever information that comes down the line, we organize our homebuyer and home seller profiles, rank them based on our algorithms, and do our best to weed out the bogus ones, which is why we installed the Flag Data Feature in case we miss one, you just flag it and we refund you that profile and remove it from the site so you can choose another profile.

If I don’t have you convinced yet do yourself a favor and call us at 1–800–230–9019 and talk to one of us here at Qazzoo to learn more and to see if our program would be a good fit for you, and by the way…

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