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Facebook Live is built into the area where you normally go to publish a status update. You also have the option to either broadcast from your personal profile or your verified Facebook Business Page. This feature only works on the Facebook mobile app and is available to both Apple and Android users.

When using Facebook Live, there’s no need to worry about professional set-up, lighting, or cameras. This production is meant to be raw and real. However, be sure to plan a main theme or focus for your broadcast, so it doesn’t turn into random ramblings.


By now you’re most likely wondering if this new tool will make a difference in your social strategy. My answer, plain and simple, is yes. When you use Facebook Live, Facebook rewards you by pushing your live video content higher in the news feed. What does that mean for you? When a potential lead opens up Facebook, your video is one of the first things they’ll see when you’re broadcasting live.

Viewers will spend 3x more time watching a live video as compared to a recorded video. There’s something exciting about being on-air as opposed to something that’s staged. Your viewers get to know the real you. Now is also a good time to brush up on your optimal posting time so when you’re broadcasting, you know you’re hitting as many audience members as possible.

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