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Social media is great for being social but as we can learn from the tips and tricks of using social media for generating Real Estate leads you are probably better with a large sign being spun and tossed around by a teenager on the street corner.

Social media tips and tricks for Real Estate on Facebook:


  1. Never add your listing
  2. Never ask anyone if they want to buy a house
  3. Never ask anyone if they want to sell their house
  4. Never announce that you are the best agent in the free world

Well, what the hell are we supposed to do about generating Real Estate Leads on Facebook?


  1. Create compelling text constantly
  2. Engage with your friends and make more friends
  3. Always be positive

This takes passive advertising to a whole new level of unproductive. If someone follows these rules they will do exactly what Facebook was created for, that being communicate constantly and get nothing done. This is because the people that use Facebook are not there to be sold anything. They don’t want to become a Real Estate lead, they want to chat and keep up with friends. Trying to make a sales pitch during a friendly chat turns off your friends fast and will have your friends become your unfriends pretty rapidly. So what makes us think that advertising on this platform will provide Real Estate leads?

I Don’t!

Think about it, Facebook advertising has been the reason the stock took a tumble recently and that advertising dichotomy is still in place as Facebook tries to get off the ground with its mobile advertising. The problem will always be the contrast between Facebook and Google. And hopefully Facebook will generate enough advertisers to eventually reduce the cost of advertising on the platform. Until they do the ROI on Facebook is less than half of that of Google. So if generating a Real Estate lead on Google costs over $100 which it does and Facebook costs twice that the decision is not tough to make regarding a Real Estate professionals advertising dollars.   don’t!

So who would advertise with such a low ROI?

Well I can tell you this, I certainly don’t!


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